OzForex Charity Day raises over $150,000

Saturday, 08 October 2011

SYDNEY: 10 August 2011 – Leading foreign exchange services provider the OzForex Group has raised over $150,000 in its first annual Charity Day, with revenues from 3 August 2011 to be donated to charities chosen by the OzForex Group’s employees and Board under a new, centralised social responsibility initiative.
Funds will be allocated on a project basis to charities in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom:   

  1. OzForex Charity: Suicide Prevention Australia – http://suicidepreventionaust.org
  2. UKForex Charity:  The Retreat Animal Rescue – http://www.retreatanimalrescue.org.uk/
  3. CanadianForex Charity:  Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness – http://www.ccfaa.com/
  4. OzForex Board Charity:  Sumba Foundation Australia – www.sumbafoundation.org/
  5. OzForex employee donation matching fund

Funding has already been allocated to the Sumba Foundation Australia’s Water Projects, which will establish wells and associated infrastructure within the villages of Lolowo and Welajung on the Indonesian island of Sumba, providing nearly 2000 people with clean water.

Neil Helm, OzForex CEO said “This initiative is enthusiastically supported by all of our employees, but we would also like to thank our clients for their overwhelmingly positive response. Our selected charities are all run by committed individuals who have great aspirations for the donations we are going to make over the coming year, and with this amount of money they can make a real difference to a number of people and animals in need.”

Dr Stephen Nolan, Chairman of The Sumba Foundation Australia, said “The donation from OzForex will help to transform the lives of people who are lacking the most basic infrastructure needed for health and economic development. We would love to see more organisations undertake this kind of initiative.”
Specific funding allocations for projects will be listed on the OzForex website.
About OzForex
OzForex is one of Australia’s fastest growing companies, focused on providing a smarter, online alternative to existing foreign exchange services. Established in 1998 with the aim of providing individuals and corporate clients with a better deal, OzForex has offices in Sydney, Toronto, London, Hong Kong, and Auckland.  
The OzForex Group includes OzForex, UKForex, Canadian Forex, NZForex, Tranzfers and ClearFX. It is a strategic investment of Macquarie Bank, Accel Partners and The Carlyle Group. The OzForex platform powers international money transfer services of ING Direct, Macquarie International
Money Transfers and other international financial institutions.
About Suicide Prevention Australia
Suicide Prevention Australia is a non-profit, community organisation working as the peak body for suicide prevention in Australia.
About The Sumba Foundation Australia
The Sumba Foundation Australia is dedicated to improving quality of life for the indigenous people of Sumba, Indonesia, and is currently helping over 20,000 people in more than 147 villages by providing clean water, building and operating healthcare clinics, repairing and supplying schools, bringing in doctors and nurses and helping to eradicate malaria and malnutrition.
About The Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness
The Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness strives to reduce the incidence and impact of abuse through education and public awareness. The Centre is a national leader in the development of programs to prevent abuse.
About The Retreat Animal Rescue UK
The Retreat Animal Rescue shelters and cares for mistreated animals from around the United Kingdom.
For further information, please contact:
Nick Gaff
Weber Shandwick
Phone: +61 2 9994 4463, +61 451 669 200
Chris Minehan
Head of Marketing, OzForex
Phone: +61 02 8667 8068, +61 416 929 690

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