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March 2016 - Acecard Malware Attacks

Millions of customers of some of the largest banks globally are currently being targeted by a sophisticated Android attack. By thwarting two-factor authentication protocols, this attack can steal personal and sensitive information. NZForex is committed to deploying and maintaining secure platforms for the services it provides and whilst no NZForex clients have been subject to this attack, it’s imperative you remain vigilant and are aware of the following points.

Who is vulnerable?
The malware only affects the Android users.

How does the attack occur?
The malware deploys an imitation of the Flash Player video application either installed from an infected website or via a predatory text message.

How can my information be compromised?
The malware does not compromise (changes) an Android mobile app, but creates fake login screens for each banking app on the phone, which will appear the next time the user logs in. This way the customer’s log in details are stolen.

What to do if I believe I’ve been attacked? If you believe your phone is infected by the malware, you can remove it from your device by first decommissioning administrator rights for the Flash Player App and then uninstalling. This is done by going to Settings > Security > Device administrators > Flash Player > Deactivate. You will then be able to uninstall the malware via Settings -> Apps/Application manager -> Flash Player -> Uninstall.

While there is no guaranteed way to block out ever-evolving malware, there are some steps Android users can use to protect their phones:

  • Install a firewall or anti-virus software on your phone
  • Constantly update your phone's apps and operating system
  • Put a pass code on your phone Monitor your bank statements to check for suspicious activity
  • Contact your bank if your bank statement seems incorrect

If you have any further concerns or questions, feel free to contact us.


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