FEE FREE* overseas payments to the Inland Revenue New Zealand

NZForex is working with Inland Revenue New Zealand to bring you our great service and rates to assist with repaying your student loan, child support and other tax types from outside New Zealand.

Giving you value and convenience.

There are NO FEES* for international payments to Inland Revenue and it’s easy with NZForex.

We can help you with a one off payment or we can set up a number of recurring payments.**  Simply decide what works best for you and leave the rest to us.

=> Register using the links below.

Complete your transaction in minutes.

No more bank queues!

Step 1:  Get exchange rate quotes, enter recipient bank account details, book
Step 2:  Send us the funds to convert
In the meantime, you can always check the progress of your payments
Step 3: We convert and deliver your funds

Personal service, great technology & free tools

Our experienced dealers deliver unparalleled customer service. With 24 hours, Monday to Friday dealing access, you may call at any time and speak to us. We also give you the ability to place regular international payments: mortgage, investments, loan repayments, student living expenses etc.

The NZForex website provides public access to free online tools, interactive live charts, rate alerts and daily and weekly expert commentary reports.  

International payments for businesses

At NZForex, we offer our corporate customers better rates and fee-free dealing. 
With our proven expertise, we can help you manage exchange risk with our range of FX products:

  • Forward contracts: Lock-in exchange rates prior to fund transfers
  • Limit orders: Take advantage of favourable market movements even when you sleep

What we can do for you

  • International money transfers
  • Forward contracts 
  • Regular payments**
  • Expert dealers & personal service
  • Over 50 currencies

What we don't offer

  • No cash transactions
  • Travellers cheques, bank drafts
  • Accept payment by credit card
  • Speculative trading

About NZForex

NZForex is part of the OzForex Group, which provides foreign exchange services to personal and business customers across 6 continents.     

-          Over NZD$17 billion in foreign exchange transactions last year

-          More than NZD 100 Billion transferred since inception

-          2 million website visits each month

-         Approximately 3,250 payments per day.

The OzForex Group also includes OFX, UKForex, USForex, CanadianForex, OzForex, ClearFX and Tranzfers

How to register

Due to differing regulatory requirements, please register with the relevant OzForex entity based in the region you live in using the links below. Please have your IRD number, Tax Type and Tax period end date available to assist us in processing your payment.  When registering please enter your total student debt amount rather that your first payment amount.

- UK and European residents: Register with UKForex
- USA residents: Register with USForex
- Canadian residents: Register with CanadianForex
- Hong Kong residents: Register with ClearFX
- Australian and rest of the world residents: Register with OzForex

  • Payments of funds made by Inland Revenue Customers into the Service Provider’s online international money transfer service are made at the Inland Revenue Customer’s own risk; and
  • Inland Revenue Customer’s tax and social obligations remain until such payments of funds are deposited by the Service Provider into the Inland Revenue account for the credit of the Inland Revenue Customer in accordance with the Transaction Process

* Please note that the recipient bank or intermediary bank may charge fees when making payment to the IRD account, in this instance NZForex will refund these charges. Please contact for further information.

**Minimum transfer amount of AUD500 equivalent for regular payments.



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