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Foreign currency payments are essential to exporting. However, poor exchange rates and the outrageous fees charged by many banks can damage your bottom line on every single transaction.

When you have the proceeds of your overseas sales paid directly into your local bank account, you are subject to whatever exchange rate your bank sees fit to give you at the time. With absolutely no control over the process, you can incur substantial losses on these foreign exchange transactions.

Using NZForex however, you gain complete control over your foreign exchange transactions. We can hold your funds in the foreign currency, allowing you the luxury of watching the exchange rates and converting your funds at a time that suits you. Working with low margins, NZForex can offer you a better rate which means more money in your pocket.

NZForex provides a safe and efficient alternative that will save you time and money. As a foreign exchange specialist, NZForex offers small and medium-size enterprises the pricing, products and service normally reserved for large corporations. NZForex guarantees extremely competitive rates and often charges no fees at all! Click here for more details on fees.

As a NZForex business client, you are assigned an accredited foreign exchange dealer dedicated to you. Your dealer will provide timely and relevant information on market movements, explain your options to you and guide you through transactions.

Business clients have access to our full range of services including:

  • Forward Hedging
  • Limit Orders
  • SMS rate alerts
  • Market updates from your dealer

Our online dealing system ensures that you receive access to live market quotes and a better deal when making your foreign exchange transactions. Managing your forex exposures couldn't be easier with NZForex. You simply need to:

  1. Register with NZForex
  2. Login and request a live (and dealable) rate
  3. Confirm your deal
  4. Arrange transfer of your foreign currency payment to an NZForex account
  5. NZForex transfers your funds to your beneficiaries

There is no obligation or cost to register so why not check out our live rates and compare them with what you currently receive?

Please contact us for more details or fill in the form below.

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