Whether emigrating, buying a holiday home or purchasing goods from overseas, you can make very significant savings on your transactions using NZForex versus a bank. 

You will also benefit from our expertise in managing the hidden risks caused by exchange rate fluctuations which can seriously impact your outcomes.

For example if you are emigrating and the currency you have depreciates you will have less capital to get started in your new life. NZForex offers simple solutions that enable you to mitigate this risk.

Each client is assigned a dedicated forex dealer who will provide information on market trends and clearly explain how you can manage your risk and achieve the best rates.

NZForex offers a completely transparent service where you can compare our rates versus wholesale rates, and against your bank. Using NZForex is a breeze - simply follow these steps to transact: 

  1. Register 
  2. Login and request a live (and dealable) rate
  3. Confirm your rate, deal and payee details 
  4. Transfer your payment to NZForex
  5. NZForex transfers your funds to the beneficiary

**Please note: NZForex does not deal in cash or travellers cheques. NZForex does not accept payment by credit card, cash or cheque. Please speak to a dealer if you require any further information.  

There is no obligation or cost to REGISTER so why not check out our live rates and compare them with what you currently receive?

What our clients say:

'Having never sent funds overseas before, I was relieved when the guys from NZForex took me through the transfer step by step and showed me how I could save money simply by using their service rather than the banks. Even though it started as a one-off transaction, I now use NZForex regularly to send funds to service a loan in the US. The website is a great source of forex information for the lay person, offering easy to understand conversion tools and exchange rates.'
Jonathon Hall

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