Overseas investments or pension transfers

If you are investing overseas or receiving the proceeds of an overseas investment or pension, it's worth ensuring that you receive the very best exchange rate and minimise your fees. For small amounts, high fees and uncompetitive exchange rates can make a considerable difference to the final amount that you receive. NZForex can ensure that you maximise the value of your foreign exchange deal.

Investing Overseas

It makes absolutely no sense to lose some of your funds before you have even invested them! This is precisely what is happening if you're paying excessive fees or receiving uncompetitive exchange rates when you purchase foreign currencies to invest. NZForex can help ensure that more of your money arrives where it should by giving you an excellent exchange rate and taking a low (or no!) fee. You spend time ensuring that your investment is going to reap you the best rewards so why not spend time ensuring that you are receiving the best exchange rate?

Investment Proceeds

When investing in overseas property of other investments it pays to ensure that as much of the proceeds as possible end up in your pocket and not with the company you use to purchase your foreign currency! NZForex can help you achieve this by offering great exchange rates and providing a time-efficient service. Our system is completely transparent so you can always see what the exchange rate is and what stage your transfers are at in order to maximise the outcome of your transactions.

Overseas pension transfers

An overseas pension transfer can be a hassle and more expensive than it needs to be. NZForex offers standing arrangements that will see overseas pensions automatically converted and remitted to your local currency account. This will not only save you plenty of time but also lots of money.

NZForex offers a completely transparent service where you can compare our exchange rates versus wholesale rates and against your bank's rates. Using NZForex is a breeze - simply follow these steps to transact: 

  2. Login and request a live (and dealable) rate
  3. Confirm your rate, deal and payee details
  4. Transfer your payment to NZForex
  5. NZForex transfers your funds to the beneficiary

**Please note: NZForex does not deal in cash or travellers cheques. NZForex does not accept payment by credit card, cash or cheque. Please speak to a dealer if you require any further information.  

There is no obligation or cost to REGISTER so why not check out our live rates and compare them with what you currently receive?

What our clients say:

'We have built up an investment portfolio overseas and used NZForex to transfer the funds for the initial investment. Based on the ease of this first transfer, we will definitely be using NZForex again when we bring the funds home. We have also utilised forward contracts (to great effect) to reduce the impact of exchange rate movements on our foreign assets. Great rates and service NZForex- keep it up!"
Adrian Mansell

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