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One of the great unknowns when making a foreign currency purchase is the true cost of the transaction. Fluctuating exchange rates can make a planned overseas purchase more expensive. Whilst corporate clients are given competitive exchange rates, individuals are usually subjected to variable rates and can never be sure what their purchase will actually cost.

NZForex guarantees to provide you with excellent exchange rates, fixed margins and a transparent dealing platform where you can see at any time what the interbank rate is in comparison to your dealing rate. This gives you a much better idea of the real cost of your foreign currency purchase. Our simple online dealing system allows you to dictate the rate at which you will purchase the foreign currency amount. We also have dealers available to discuss your foreign exchange needs.

There are many reasons why people buy goods overseas but each and every one of them have something in common: you could (and should) be saving more by receiving the best possible foreign exchange deal. Below are just a few examples of some of the purchases where NZForex can help you and where many people do not realise that they can get a better deal.

Overseas Property Purchase

Purchasing a property overseas can be daunting enough without having to worry about the cost changing due to fluctuating exchange rates and inflated margins. NZForex can alleviate this concern by offering you excellent exchange rates and by formulating a strategy to give you the best possible deal for your overseas property investment.

You find the PERFECT property for sale overseas... we give you the PERFECT exchange rate!

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Car Purchase

If you're purchasing a car overseas then you're after the best possible deal for your money. There's no point going to all that trouble to find a good buy, to then be ripped off when it comes to purchasing foreign currency to make the payment.

NZForex assists in the purchase of cars overseas by ensuring that the exchange rate you receive results in the savings you make going into your pocket, not to the company you used to purchase your foreign currency!

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Boat Purchase

You've shopped around and the best priced boat is from overseas. Exchange rate fluctuations can soon render those savings obsolete. To ensure it remains the best priced option, shop around for the best exchange rate!

NZForex can offer you excellent exchange rates, low (or no) fees and a strategy to ensure that you get the best deal for your boat with the best foreign currency deal.

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Other Purchases

The vast majority of purchases from overseas will involve a currency exchange which leaves you open to exchange rate fluctuations and, more importantly, fluctuations in margins. This can often leave the true cost of the purchase a mystery and gives you little control.

You've found the best place to make your purchase now come to NZForex to find the best place to pay for that purchase.

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What our clients say:

'Buying a car overseas is very stressful so we were thrilled that the NZForex team handled our transaction so efficiently. Their level of communication was fantastic. I was able to monitor the status of the transaction on the website and my phone queries were answered immediately by a dealer - not a dreaded call centre.'
David Anderson

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