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Wenn Sie das nächste Mal Geld umtauschen versuchen Sie es doch über der AHK Neuseeland Mitglied Firma NZ Forex – Sie sparen bestimmt!

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Step 1: Get a quote
Step 2: Enter recipient bank account details to book your deal
Step 3: Send us the funds

We do the rest. We convert and deliver your funds. You can check the progress of your payments at any time.

Why NZForex? Why not my bank?

  • Competitive and Consistent exchange rates
  • Low N$12 fee or transfer N$10,000 or more and it’s FREE
  • Get in touch with our dealing team 24 hours a day
  • Speedy foreign currency transfer, book a deal in less than 10 minutes
  • Transactions starting from N$1,000

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First launched in 1998, the OzForex Group now provides foreign exchange services to personal and business customers across 6 continents:

  • 581,000 fund transfers last year
  • N$15 billion in foreign exchange transactions last year
  • 2 million website visits each month

We have over 200 staff and offices in Auckland, Sydney, Hong Kong, London, Toronto and San Francisco.

International payments for businesses

At NZForex, we offer our corporate customers better rates and fee-free dealing.
With our proven expertise, we can help you manage exchange risk with our range of FX products:

  • Forward contracts: Lock-in exchange rates prior to fund transfers
  • Limit orders: Take advantage of favourable market movements even when you sleep

What we can do for you

  • International money transfers
  • Forward contracts
  • Regular payments
  • Expert dealers & personal service
  • Over 50 currencies

What we don't offer

  • No cash transactions
  • Travellers cheques, bank drafts
  • Accept payment by credit card
  • Speculative trading

What our clients say about us

"I would like to thank NZForex for the support given recently with the money transfer from Europe to New Zealand. Your introduction and process was straight forward and clear. I liked the fact that I had a choice of locking in a future rate or fixing the current rate after querying the portal for the latest trends and rates. The savings made were significant, so we will be using NZForex for all foreign exchange transactions going forward."

Joanne Hand
Managing Director / Realtech Limited.

Limited time offer

Register before 22nd of November
and get your first transfer FEE FREE!


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