Daily Forex Commentary

01 April 2015 - Business confidence helps steady Kiwi dip

By Matt Richardson
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand dollar despite edging marginally lower across the trading day found support Tuesday in improved business confidence. The ANZ’s Bu... read more

31 March 2015 - Collapsing commodities drive dollar down

By Matt Richardson
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand dollars downward trajectory continued on Monday breaking technical supports and falling below 0.7500. Plunging commodity prices and an ... read more

30 March 2015 - Commodity Currencies close the week lower despite USD weakness

By Matt Richardson
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand dollar, much like its Australian counterpart, failed to take advantage of general Greenback weakness Friday closing the week at 0.7569.... read more

27 March 2015 - Investors look towards the Fed and US GDP

By Michael Judge
New Zealand Dollar:During a flat session which generally favoured a move back into US dollar dominated assets the New Zealand dollar was left to flounder, trading between ... read more

26 March 2015 - Soft Trade Balance not enough to Dampen Kiwi rally

By Matt Richardson
New Zealand Dollar: Much like its trans-Tasman counterpart the New Zealand dollar managed to maintain much of the week’s earlier gains touching an intraday high of 0... read more

25 March 2015 - NZD maintains its value

By Michael Judge
New Zealand Dollar: Increasing speculation that further monetary easing and a loosing of their fiscal stance will be required a flash manufacturing index from China yesterd... read more

24 March 2015 - US rate talk dominates, US Dollar falls

By Michael Judge
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand dollar opens notably stronger when valued against its weaker US counterpart this morning following comments by the US Fed Vice Chairman ... read more

23 March 2015 - Kiwi stronger against a weaker Greenback

By Michael Judge
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand dollar was one of the biggest gainers versus the Greenback towards the back end of last week as investors across the board flushed out t... read more

20 March 2015 - NZ Dollar gains wiped as USD rallies

By Shan Thoo
New Zealand Dollar: The Kiwi has fallen against its US counterpart commencing the day’s trade only buying 74.10 US cents. The NZD did make significant progress earlie... read more

19 March 2015 - Kiwi rallies after dovish US Fed Reserve remarks

By Shan Thoo
New Zealand Dollar:As the Kiwi sat on the fence throughout the majority of the day yesterday, overnight markets provided a boost for the NZ local currency which opens this... read more

18 March 2015 - Dairy Prices weigh down on NZD

By Shan Thoo
New Zealand Dollar: The Kiwi has depreciated against most its major counterparts yesterday as dairy product prices fell in the most recent Global Dairy Trade auction. Being... read more

17 March 2015 - NZ Dollar ticks upward over trade session

By Shan Thoo
New Zealand Dollar: In the absence of any local economic data yesterday the NZ Dollar has managed to open much higher today against its US counterpart, currently buying 73.... read more

16 March 2015 - Kiwi looks overseas for direction

By Shan Thoo
New Zealand Dollar: After a disappointing conclusion to the week the NZD opens today’s trade lower at NZD/USD0.7322. Positive business manufacturing index results wer... read more

13 March 2015 - US Retail Sales drop for a third consecutive month

By Michael Judge
Australian Dollar:Erasing a drop of 14 100 in January the Australian economy produced 15 600 new jobs last month a number significant enough to see the official unemployme... read more

12 March 2015 - NZ dollar loses ground as Greenback strength continues

By Jay Goodman
New Zealand Dollar: In another day which lacked domestic data releases the New Zealand dollar remained steady after previously falling against the Greenback over the last f... read more

11 March 2015 - NZD continues to tumble as US strength continues

By Jay Goodman
New Zealand Dollar: With a lack of local data to spur the higher yielding NZ dollar the Kiwi continued to drift lower against the Greenback on Tuesday. Underpinned by the p... read more

10 March 2015 - Kiwi under pressure despite USD profit taking

By Matt Richardson
New Zealand Dollar:The New Zealand Dollar consolidated somewhat throughout Monday maintaining a 60 point trading range. Having fallen below support at 0.7450 the Kiwi look... read more

09 March 2015 - U.S. Non-Farm Payroll strength sends the Kiwi lower

By Matt Richardson
New Zealand Dollar: The NZD broke below 0.74 US cents Friday closing the week nearly two and a half cents lower. Having touched above 0.76 through trade on Thursday the Ki... read more

06 March 2015 - Kiwi plummets on speculation RBNZ will maintain neutral stance

By Matt Richardson
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand plunged lower throughout trade on Thursday with investors looking to take profit on NZD positions as the RBNZ ponders new rules to cut ... read more

05 March 2015 - Kiwi Stronger at US76 cents

By Michael Judge
New Zealand Dollar: Despite a very light economic docket locally yesterday demand for the New Zealand dollar has been bolstered overnight with a disappointing private jobs ... read more

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