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20 November 2017 - AUD/USD steadies around 5-month low, but NZD momentum still negative

By Nick Parsons
After the Q3 wage data showed there was little, if any, pass through from higher employment to higher earnings... read more

17 November 2017 - AUD steadies but NZD/USD nears fresh 2017 low

By Nick Parsons
17 November 2017 Australian Dollar (AUD) Thursday’s Australian labour market report was a classic example both of why foreign exchange ... read more

16 November 2017 - USD steadies after data but AUD now down to US 75 cents

By Nick Parsons
Writing here 24 hours ago about the upcoming economic data in Australia, we said, “The AUD is unlikely to react... read more

15 November 2017 - USD tumbles as stocks fail to regain losses, AUD falls with it

By Nick Parsons
15 November 2017 Australian Dollar (AUD) It should be no cause for celebration that the Aussie Dollar is pretty much unchanged over the pas... read more

14 November 2017 - USD steadies, GBP wobbles, AUD sleeps

By Nick Parsons
We’ll try our best to avoid references to Groundhog Day this morning but the fact remains that the Aussie Dollar is stuck... read more

13 November 2017 - Aussie wages and employment data this week

By Nick Parsons
13 November 2017 Australian Dollar (AUD) The Aussie Dollar ended last week pretty much where it began against a USD which lost quite a bit ... read more

10 November 2017 - USD sharply lower, RBA SoMP awaited

By Nick Parsons
10 November 2017 Australian Dollar (AUD) With little fresh news domestically, and helped to a great extent by a much weaker USD (see below)... read more

09 November 2017 - “Commonwealth currencies” all stronger overnight

By Nick Parsons
9 November 2017 Australian Dollar (AUD) There are 11 RBA Board meetings each year. Very sensibly, it takes January off, considering that pe... read more

08 November 2017 - AUD rate hike hopes not rekindled

By Nick Parsons
Rekindling, ridden by Corey Brown, burst down the home straight at Flemington Racecourse on Tuesday... read more

07 November 2017 - RBA and Melbourne Cup day

By Nick Parsons
7 November 2017 Australian Dollar (AUD) As the US Dollar turned lower during the New York afternoon, so the AUD was able to regain some of ... read more

02 November 2017 - Data today could break Aussie''s slump

By Nick Parsons
2 October 2017 Australian Dollar (AUD) The past five days have been one of the quietest periods in recent memory for the Australian Dollar.... read more

01 November 2017 - A new day,a new month

By Nick Parsons
1st October 2017 Australian Dollar (AUD) We mentioned yesterday a few reasons why the Aussie Dollar was struggling; the dominant one being ... read more

31 October 2017 - Month-end is finally here

By Nick Parsons
31 October 2017 Australian Dollar (AUD) As we had feared, Mon... read more

30 October 2017 - A big week of news ahead

By Nick Parsons
30th October 2017 New Zealand Dollar The Kiwi Dollar has spent the last couple of weeks as the FX market’s whipping boy; the worst perform... read more

27 October 2017 - Aussie loses nearly 2.5% this week

By Vani Kolluri
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand Dollar continues to see downside movements as broader US Dollar strength hampers the domestic currency. Opening yesterday... read more

26 October 2017 - Australian Dollar sold heavily on inflation data

By Vani Kolluri
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand Dollar extended losses overnight testing six month lows of 0.6865 as political developments conti... read more

25 October 2017 - Australian Dollar drifts lower to a two-week low under 78c

By Vani Kolluri
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand Dollar was one of the worst performing G10 currencies overnight following the commencement of fis... read more

24 October 2017 - Australian Dollar hanging on to 78c

By Bridget Goucher
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand Dollar sel... read more

23 October 2017 - Aussie Dollar slips against the Greenback heading towards 78c

By Vani Kolluri
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand dollar sell off continued through trade on Friday plunging through 0.70 U.S cents as investors responded... read more

20 October 2017 - Aussie rallies on the back of Kiwi election result

By Bridget Goucher
New Zealand Dollar: The New Zealand Dollar is significantly lower when valued against the worlds reserve currency as news broke Winston Peters of the New Zea... read more

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