Global Payment Solutions

NZForex employs a blend of cutting edge technology and exceptional 24-hour customer service. Our award winning 'Hi-Tech, Hi-Touch' approach and global expertise underpins our success in providing international payment solutions that are:

  • User friendly
  • Safe and Secure
  • Fast and flexible

We understand that small efficiencies can add up to make a big difference and often these improvements aren't always obvious - Our Global Payment Solutions team can work with you to diagnose your current processes and identify these areas so we are able to make a real difference to the future of your business.

Whether you are a small business or large multinational, the NZForex Global Payment Solution is capable of tailoring an integrated solution within your existing business processes.

Financial Services/White Label Solutions

For Financial Services Companies and other well known brands who want to offer own branded international foreign exchange payments as a complementary service.

Over many years, NZForex has processed hundreds of thousands of transactions for its own business and private customers. Drawing on this experience we are now able to offer a white label version of our platform to other businesses so you can offer a similar service to your customer base under your own brand.  Read more

Global Payment Solutions for IP Law Firms

We understand international payment processing is a cumbersome and costly burden for most IP law firms. Our solutions make for a seamless, efficient and highly economical process without requiring software installation, wasting time or displacing existing bank relationships.

NZForex is at the cutting edge of providing international payment systems for IP law firms with the expertise to integrate with industry specific applications.  Read more

International Payroll Solutions

Our International Payroll Solutions reduce manual input and the associated administrative costs when processing staff wages or payroll related transactions. Often, undetected efficiency gains are achieved by incorporating a multi currency payment solution in conjunction with your existing ERP system.  Read more

Forex Payments Systems for Software Companies

Enhance your offering by seamlessly embedding the capability to book foreign exchange trades into your solutions. Get a secure tailored forex solution with NZForex. We have processed hundreds of thousands of transactions for our own business and private customers since 1998.

We can offer software developers an interface to our platform that allows them to incorporate the key building blocks of our service into their software offering.  Read more

International Tax & Super Payment Solutions

We process thousands of transactions annually for accountants, tax agents & travel aggregator companies offering tax and super returns to travellers and international clients.

Our Tax & Super Payment Solution draws from our experience to deliver a streamlined payments process, giving you access to securely remit multiple payments in multiple currencies faster and more effectively than before.  Read more

Global Payment Processing for the Travel Industry

Set up your incoming and outgoing international payments with NZForex. Our web based platform operates within a trusted technical environment and is designed to deliver a cost effective and streamlined global payments process. NZForex is focused on providing innovative global solutions to deliver efficiency, real time reporting and flexibility.  Read more

If you'd like to hear more about our Global Payment Solutions, please register your details below or call us.

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