IP Law Firm solutions

We understand the international payment process is a cumbersome and costly burden for most IP law firms. Our solutions make for a seamless, efficient and highly economical process without requiring software installation, wasting time or displacing existing bank relationships. 

NZForex is at the cutting edge of providing global payment solutions for IP law firms with the expertise to integrate with industry specific applications;

  • Leverage– NZForex's secure 'Hi-tech, Hi-touch' solutions
  • Gain– Increased productivity by incorporating a global payment solution directly into your existing workflow
  • Accomplish– An optimal international payments process with accurate consolidated reporting

Comprehensive payment investigation & reporting

Our clients have access to every payment made - at one touch for life and without charge.  Furthermore our payment investigations team are able to use their banking relationships to give you the answers and results you need should a payment require amendment or recall.

Live payment status update

This feature allows you to track the progress of each individual payment from booked, awaiting funds, payment received, payment remitted.

Automatic beneficiary notification

By way of simplifying client relationship management, NZForex will automatically send an email to your client once funds have been remitted alerting them that funds have been sent on your behalf.

Segregation of functions

The NZForex platform is easily modified to give your organisation the level of internal control required. Our online system can provide your business with the ability to control varying levels of access for each user for peace of mind.

24hr support

Technology based solutions require human touch. Unlike banks, the NZForex facility is seamlessly supported across our offices in Sydney, London and Toronto enabling you to make payments and get answers when you need - online, by phone, 24hours a day (Monday to Friday).

Access to real time exchange rates

Our payment platform gives you access to live rates reflective of the market at the time of execution, providing you with more control and visibility.  

Security & Compliance

Our payment platform is 128bit encrypted – a military grade encryption. Our commitment to assisting our clients in fulfilling their requirements is without compromise. Read more about regulation here

If you’d like to hear more about our payment solutions, please register your details below or call us. 

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