Get your Ideal Exchange Rate with a Limit Oder

Placing a limit order with NZForex allows you to instruct us to buy or sell one currency for another at a rate that is superior to the current market rate. What’s good about a limit order is that you can benefit from exchange rate movements that occur when you are unable to monitor the market. For example, rates that are triggered at 3am! 

Rest easy, we’re watching the market 24/7

As our expertly trained dealers are available 24 hours a day you can catch up on your beauty sleep while we do the watching for you. You can leave your order with any of our dealing staff, if your nominated rate is triggered overnight, we will contact you for beneficiary details and to organise payment to NZForex.

How to place a limit order

You can register online for free for online access.

When leaving your order with NZForex you will need to specify:

  • What currency you want to buy
  • What currency you want to sell
  • The amount you want to buy
  • The exchange rate at which you want to buy
  • The amount of time your limit order is valid for

Please note:

  • Orders triggered overnight are binding. We will call and/or email you  to let you know if your order has been triggered.
  • Minimum Limit Order amounts are NZD10,000 if booked by phone; NZD30,000 if booked online. 
  • Book, edit and delete orders online that are yet to be triggered
  • In order to place a limit order you will need to speak to one of our dealers
  • Limit orders are fee free and valid for 6 months

Register now for access to our online dealing platform or contact us to speak to one of our dealers and place your limit order today.


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