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What we do

  • International money transfers
  • Live exchange rate quotes
  • Regular payment plans
  • Risk management tools
  • Expert dealers & personal service
  • Over 50 currenciesView All

What we don't do

  • No cash transactions
  • Transfers under NZD $250 For less than NZD $250 you'll get a great deal at Tranzfers.
  • Travellers cheques, Bank drafts
  • Accept payment by credit card
  • Speculative trading

Register in 3 easy steps

With NZForex you can transfer money internationally at great rates and low or no fees. 

  • Easy online registration
  • Competitive rates on over 50 currencies
  • Low flat fee or no fees at all
  • 24hr customer service 

Please note you need to provide your full legal name and ID in order to use our service.

Looking for customer exchange rates? Click here. Not sure how it all works? Watch this video to see how easy & safe it is to send money with NZForex or find out what our clients have to say.
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